Create a CityStrides app

@libkelly1, I’m using the Firefox browser on my Android phone, and it works quite well with CS. I keep a couple tabs open, for the CS pages I want to be on.

The only thing not great about using a browser on a phone is, the order the panes are displayed for the home page (where I like to access my recent activities, on the PC).

First you have to scroll down, and past, all the recently completed streets in the last week. When you get to the bottom of that, then you have to scroll down, and past, all the recently completed streets in the last month.

The you get to your (5) most recent activities, then those who completed the most streets in the last week, then most in the last month.

So, on the phone, to see my most recent activities, I find it better to use the upper-right pull-down, and select “Profile” - Now you just have to scroll past your cities, which is a much shorter scroll than past all the streets on the home page.

Hope that helps, Eric

PS. I thought I had suggested a reorder of the homepage pane layout in , but I guess not, as I don’t see it. I guess I just thought about it, or added the idea somewhere else. I did, right above in this very same idea thread. D’OH! Maybe as more people access CS via their phones, better ideas on getting to one’s own info will emerge.

Oh, and my answer to @jpbari would be the "YATMAN (Your About To Miss A Node) feature, described above. :slight_smile:

I would use the app (on iOS) on the back end to track where I’ve run. I’d like to be able to add GPX or TCX files straight into the app to knock off the streets I’ve run. If I could upload the file directly, I wouldn’t have to wait for it to gather the data from the other source.

It would be nice if I could set how far i wanted to run, pick a starting point and it create routes for me to hit what I haven’t hit. That seems like tons of programming but just thought of the idea.

I really like the website the way it is now, just want something a little more mobile friendly for seeing what I have left to complete.

I’d much rather use an email to login rather than going through Strava/Runkeeper etc. With the changes Strava just made…not so certain they’ll be around for the long haul.

My town is small (694 streets). Truthfully after I’m done running this town, I don’t see myself using CityStrides much more. Check it occasionally if the town has made new roads, but other than that I wouldn’t have a need for it. I don’t go to other areas to run.

But if it became a place to keep track of all my data that might be a different story.