County areas outside towns / cities

I occasionally run in some areas that don’t seem to be captured in CityStrides. A few that come to mind (and I expect to continue to run the streets of) are in Sarasota County, FL (e.g., see my runs on 4/19/19, 4/15/22, or today), King George County, VA (e.g., see my runs on 7/8/22, 7/9/22), and the Cayman Islands (e.g., see my runs on 6/30/18, 7/2/18, 7/4/18). Is there any way to add these in? Let me know if there is something I should do on my end.




Your activities are private, so we can’t see them.

In the US, most cities are admin level 8 in OpenStreetMap. It looks like Virginia has some spotty coverage at that level

Counties are admin level 6, for example:

You can right click and “Query features” to see what areas/relations contain the clicked area, and it looks like some spots only go down to the county level…

The biggest question is “Does county equate to city in Virginia?” and I’d expect the answer is mostly “no” but that some places do line up that way … I’d be very hesitant to import all Virginia counties based on that assumption. If I did import some counties, I’d also have to ensure places like Dahlgren, Virginia - CityStrides are properly marked as nested.


Seems somewhat similar in Florida, where Sarasota, Florida - CityStrides exists and Relation: ‪Sarasota County‬ (‪1210734‬) | OpenStreetMap does not.

This is largely true for all of Colorado outside of the Denver metro area. I’ve just accepted that my county street runs won’t get counted. Bummer, but it is what it is.

This is a rather messy display, but clicking “Run” on this page will show all the cities and counties in Colorado: overpass turbo
The circles are nodes - I can’t figure out how to adjust the query to ignore them - if you zoom in, though, that’s where the individual cities are. The larger shapes are the counties.
It’s definitely an interesting problem - if I import the counties, then the current parent/nested city handling will ignore all those individual cities for the overall stats … That doesn’t seem like a good decision. Similarly, reversing the stats decision to only track the nested cities doesn’t work out either.


Yeah, I think that tracks. I get the sense it’s really an issue for cities surrounded with large rural areas, which only affects a minority of CS users when looking at the leaderboard map. If you live in Boston or London, you’d need to drive a long way before it ever impacted you. Would be cool to solve, but it’s not like I have a solution.

Hopefully a patch for incorporating the missing/broken cities tracker gets noodled through soon. I’m down to about 300 roads left in my area that appear in CS, but getting those missing towns added should get me close enough to make 10,000 total streets reachable.

Appreciate all you do, man!

First off, I love this app and similarly appreciate all you do James. I am not sure of the solution either based on what is noted in this string. I largely avoid this issue at home, living in NY where the whole state seems to be subdivided into cities and towns, but do think that for a lot of the US (and other countries) this isn’t the case. Much is rural area or distant ring suburbs, but looking at Sarasota County where I have been running the last few days, it looks like there are only 3 identified towns / cities and the roads for rest of the county, which includes some pretty densely populated beachfront communities, are just tagged only to the county so it feels like the issue might be a bit more pervasive. When I think about New York where there are a lot of villages, etc. nested within towns and stats for both are captured (but not double counted), it seems like there is some nesting type of solution in theory, but I could see how it might be an overly manual process or create some unintended consequences. Maybe there is someway to capture / count only the OpenStreetMap roads within a county that aren’t otherwise associated with a recognized town or city? Anyhow, it would be great to recognize these “invisible” streets some day.

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Yeah, land division seems to get less and less structured as you venture out of New England. Until you get to Mongolia, and things become perfectly structured again :rofl:


I moved to Okaloosa County in Florida (Crestview) from New England (Rhode Island) in December. Many streets do not get counted in CityStrides down here.

This “issue” is the same in Delaware, where the majority of the state is not incorporated, but comprised of all of these small development/neighborhoods. There are small areas spread out across the state, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - CityStrides Lewes, Delaware - CityStrides

It would fantastic if there were a way to get these “in between” roads added. If nothing else just so they would count towards the streets count.

In New York, we have no issue, we have very excellent coverage.
Delaware Overpass 6|7|8
New York Overpass 6|7|8