Counting streets in AMSAP

I did two walks yesterday of 50 and 15 new roads but AMSAP shows only 51.

When I look at your profile now it says 92 for AMSAP. Timing issue between different batch jobs?

I’ve now walked 95 streets (50+15+0(!)+20+10) but AMSAP shows 92.

And the 0 was actually 2; two new roads appeared in Richmond upon Thames which took me off 100% so I walked them today. I’m back on 100% but got 0 for streets completed!

Envious of the streets/km in good ol’ Europe. 65 streets in 14km is such a gold mine!

Areas vary markedly and also sometimes I walk fairly straight lines while others I circle around collecting new streets.

In recent days I have done 10 streets in 4km and also 1 street in 6km.

I do many local walks where I have already completed every street and I no longer map those. I can do 20km easily without getting anywhere near a new street.

Really confused by the numbers now! The workout says 53 streets, the detailed breakdown seems to confirm this total for Greater London but in the challenges I am only credited with 39.

Could an issue be that some roads are in two London Boroughs as well as in Greater London? For example, on this walk I completed Bourne Street in two boroughs (but not in Greater London) and I completed Ennismore Gardens in both boroughs (it has nodes in both) and also in Greater London.

Whatever is causing this is costing me a lot of streets in the challenges so I hope it’s fixable, which would be greatly appreciated.

Have you identified the specific streets that you are credited with in your recent walk (ie included in the 53) that are excluded from the 39 credited to you in the challenges? That might give you a clue.

For example, if you completed a street in your recent walk that you had previously partially walked, that will be included in the 53 (since you have now walked the whole of it in Greater London) but you won’t get credit in the challenges if you didn’t walk the entire street yesterday (or since the challenge began).

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Thanks Liz!

it’s too hard (maybe impossible) to work out which streets were left out but your explanation sounds good. I was walking in areas that I had walked through previously and would have hit several nodes on side-roads while walking along the main routes. For example, on a recent 14km A to B walk I progressed 111 streets, none of which can now count in a future challenge.

I am happy with that as my real targets are completing London Boroughs, I’ve done two and am on 65%, 45% and 44% on my next targets.

It actually shouldn’t be that hard to identify which streets weren’t included in your challenge total. The two street lists are in alphabetical order, so you can just compare the two until you find one street in one list and not in the other. You probably only need to identity a couple of streets to confirm why they weren’t included in the challenge total.

But on your second comment, those streets you’ve progressed in recent walks can contribute to future challenge totals. As I understand it, most challenges are “clean skins”, meaning they disregard what you’ve walked before. You just have to walk the entire streets during a challenge period. So it’s possible for you to experience the opposite of what you did this week - ie no new completed streets for your overall Greater London total but streets completed in a challenge. You just need to rewalk (entire) streets that you’ve already completed.

Thanks (again) for your help Liz but I’ve waived the white flag and given up on the challenge, trying to fix this is just too hard for the prospective reward!

I did not see a way of listing the streets counted in a challenge but I am not sure how doing so would help as there is nothing about any of the streets or the workouts to explain why something was not counted.

And you comment on old streets also counting just makes things worse as I have done a lot of these having walked almost every street within two hours of home!

I am happy to leave the counting of streets in AMSAP in a month as a problem that I am not interested in solving and I will carry on aiming for AMSAP in a lifetime.