% Completion by County/State, etc

May be an old suggestion, but what about tracking completion status by more than city? There is another site out there (inferior in nearly every way) that does have one feature I really enjoy, which is how much of not only the city I am running in I have completed, but also the county, state, etc. Could this be done by Admin_Level? For example, in the States you could track completion for the city (Level 7/8), country (Level 6) and state (Level 4) from a single run. I am sometimes tempted to see if I could ever finish an entire county, and I know others have tackled entire states. Would be cool to see that displayed.

I could do City, Region, and Country stats using exactly/only what I have right now.

For example, you’ve completed 1,001 of the 117,735 streets in Michigan … almost one percent!
Of the 3,842,413 streets in the US… well, I accidentally the whole thing while trying to brute-force that count. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: I’m sure there’s a more elegant way about it, if I spent time thinking before typing.

The idea of formalizing around counties also existing in CityStrides sounds brutal, based on my experience with cities so far. :confounded: This thread also touches on the idea - CountyStrides - but I think in a way that’s more geared towards having a fall-back to the county level if the city level hasn’t been mapped in OSM for whatever reason.
I’m not saying “no”, I’m just crying a little on the inside :rofl:

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Well now that you run the math maybe I ought to think twice!

Not knowing what the back-end takes, of course I have no idea how hard that might be. Totally get it either way. Put it on the ‘maybe someday down the road’ list.

I would LOVE to know how much of a full US state this guy has completed:

He’s #2 in the Leaderboard, and seems to be reluctant to cross into other states :slight_smile:


Just seem a little low effort to run the smallest US state. Just kidding.
My favorite LifeMap. Just love the whole state line thing.

20,139 of the 21,276 streets in Rhode Island… so about 95% with 1,137 left to go
@aaron_fitzsenry we’re cheering for you! :smiley: