Completed street not getting counting for city total

I have a street which is completed (shows 100% progress Stollgasse - CityStrides), but the city page lists it as incomplete Just_one_more_street is running Neubau, Wien - CityStrides.

In the street page it mentions that there are 23 nodes, I can count only 17 in the image. Is it possible that there are some phantom nodes involved here?

Some nodes can be doubled-up, for sections where multiple ways connect (each way will likely share a node). I think it’s possible to take the node count that’s shown on the page … subtract the visible node count from that … and I think that’ll result in the number of intersections or otherwise joined way records.

Reprocessing the street for you resolved the issue.
I suspect I have a fair number of odd situations out there based on bad code that was temporarily present in the city update process… At least they’re easily fixable.

it’s counted correctly now, thanks for the quick fix!

I have the same issue for Court Street in Dedham, MA.