Completed City + future streets

My friend and I recently completed our city, Peoria, IL, with 100% of the streets and nodes, none manually. (Our user is PedestriansInPeoria)

So… my bragging is done, onto my question. :slight_smile:
I know that there are areas that were annexed but weren’t updated in Open Street Map until after the last map update. What happens when City Strides updates Peoria and there are new streets? Will the city move from “Completed” to “In Progress?” Will our percentage go down and the streets show up as needing to be completed?

I am hoping so, because we’ve already started walking some of those and hope to continue to do so. We are also starting to walk all the trails, but will have to go back to paper maps for those. :slight_smile:


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Yes & Yes. On goes the Sisyphus challenge :athletic_shoe:

Thanks! For our tracking what needs to be done, that actually makes it easier.

Now I’m hoping the changing border was done in OSM in such a way that it shows up right in CityStrides. I was reading James’ last post about borders and relations versus ways, and while I don’t totally understand it, it sounds like that could have an impact on our map.

For borders, it just comes down to the fact that I do not have those automatically updating in CityStrides yet. I have to manually run some code to update borders when someone tells me it’s wrong in CityStrides.


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When you have time, would you mind manually updating the borders for Peoria, IL?
I can see the changes to the border in OSM.