Adjust Queens city border?

Hello James,

When you have a spare moment, would it be possible to correct the border for Queens (NYC). It currently is missing a section known as Broad Channel (its within the red circle of the pic😀). Please let me know if I can help in any manner. Thanks for all you do.


It doesn’t seem like the Queens in CityStrides ( Queens, New York - CityStrides ) differs from the Queens in OSM ( Relation: ‪Queens‬ (‪9691819‬) | OpenStreetMap )

I did notice that there’s a different Queens in OSM ( Relation: ‪Queens County‬ (‪369519‬) | OpenStreetMap ) which has a larger border

Thanks for the quick response James! The second one is the most accurate for sure and included the missing streets (Broad Channel). Thanks for looking into this. I do appreciate it!

Seems like the boroughs (parts of a city) should be identical to the counties (parts of a state), but they are not in OSM in this case? So OSM should be fixed as well?

You would think they would be the same. Definitely odd that they are different. Thanks for your findings!

If you do a structured search in Nominatim, you end up with a good view of the data:

Similarly, there are two records for: