Completed all streets but not 100%?

Managed to finally finish all the streets in my town tonight. It show all streets complete but only complete 99.74%?

It’s a feature. Gotta keep you hungry.

No, that percentage display is cached - I’ll go jiggle the handle.

Update: All set! (it was actually due to a job backup, I have some optimizing to do in some spots)
:tada: Congratulations!


Thanks! Love this site!

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Good one!

And congrats @smcafee!

@JamesChevalier Can you jiggle the handle for the rest of us please? I’d save a fortune on not buying running shoes

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I’ll need more info on your issue @Marty … I cleared your caches, but it doesn’t look like your percentages changed. Can you share city links & expectations?

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Twas a joke :upside_down_face:
I should have added /s

It’s a running joke with my friends that if you’re joking (usually poorly) that you raise your hand

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Hi James, I wonder if I need a handle jiggle over here.

Last week I wrapped up the last nodes (or so thought) of my city, my profile shows three incomplete streets but they each show 100% complete. I marked all these 100% streets as manually complete (pressing that button doesn’t feel good).
I currently see 99.63%.