'completed' 90% of Amsterdam?

yes I did it! > 90% of Amsterdam completed.
Was there not something that you get complete status if a street and/or city ihas been run over 90% ?

The street completion is based on having completed 90% of the nodes, but the city completion is 100% … the reasoning is that there’s GPS jitter and weird node placement that might make it difficult/impossible to complete 100% of the nodes, but there’s nothing that blocks us from completing 100% of the streets (especially now that the data is all cleaned up).

Except we still have the situation where a street belongs to an adjacent town and has a node touching the town 's border. I think it was mentioned we could just manually complete that street and the issue will be cleared up in the future.

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oh … ok.
Since the last major OSM upgrade it is nearly possible to run all streets but there are still a few impossible, private and or dangerous highways to run :slight_smile: :frowning:

Please fix them in OSM! Eventually your data will catch up.