Completed 12 streets, overall count gone up just one

Yesterday I thought I got to 8116 streets completed as indeed the Leaderboard shows - see screenshot.

Today did a run where completed 12 streets and yet my street has gone up just 1 to 8117

I can’t see any recent city refreshes that would have taken out that many streets.

Ah strange - I now have 8125 streets so now only 3 less than what I thought!

You’re up to 8127 now… Maybe it was just processing delay? Was anything odd, i.e. delays, on the CityStrides Status page?

thanks! did not spot anything like that…

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And now up to 8128. How odd as the 12 streets I ran yesterday which seemingly have now all been added were all in the same “city”.

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Tim, not sure I understand, but since you have 152 cities in progress, can it not be the case that cities are updated all the time, streets deleted and added, thus changing your total all the time? I have 128 cities in progress, never really looked at my total street number, but I do keep track of Stockholm and its nested cities, so I see the number vary a bit from week to week

It is more that I might look on the site immediately before a run and see how many streets have done. I then I do a run and complete say x streets and my new total gets updated more or less straight away by that x streets. Except this time it did not.

I have update notifications on quite a few cities that I have done more than say the odd street or two in so largely I know if ones have been added or deleted very recently. It is generally more common to have more streets added overall than deleted.

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Ok, I see your point! I actually keep a daily check list, but only for Stockholm. Might add total street count to it, just to see how it performs. I notice quite a few deleted streets, not that they’re actually gone, but people re-classify them in OSM