Cleaning up the lifemap

Is there anyway to make the purple lines actually match up to the streets on the map? Also, I have some zig zags I would like to delete. I really would like the map to have straight lines along the sidewalks. I am a new confused user and have not been able to find an answer to this. Thanks,

Welcome to CityStrides, fellow Strider!

In CS, your LifeMap is a display of the GPS data that is being brought in from your service of choice (RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness)

There is really no way to adjust or change the data within Citystrides, since it is just pulling that data and placing it on a common map.

If your activity in the other service has zig-zags, they are going to show up in your LifeMap. If you edit/crop the activity in RunKeeper/Strava/MapMyFitness to remove the bad data, you can then delete the activity from CS and it will re-download the next time a sync is possible

Hi Lorayne!
Yeah, JP is correct - I chose to carry along the exact GPS data for the map view. There are ways to do map matching, but I opted to keep things “true” to the actual data because map matching costs extra.


From a personal preference standpoint, over time the minor differences between runs are preferred, if they all snapped to the street, the LifeMap would look unnatural…fake.

As it is now, it is kinda cool and acts as a heatmap of sorts as the more you run on a street, the thicker, denser the coverage on that street becomes. You can look at a map and see which streets you frequent and which you did once or twice to complete


Thank you for doing that, James. This is definitely how I prefer it.

I love my LifeMap. It´s a work of art…abstract art :upside_down_face:


@hjkiddk Very cool!

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My activities did sync up replying to the forum, however, my life map only shows 2 runs worth - not quite all the way synced.

Thank you

I deleted some activities that made my map messy (I used to combine a run downtown with a walk at home with the dog so there were flyover lines) and my map looked great for a few days, but now the activities are back. Do I have to permanently delete them from Strava too? Many of them don’t appear the same way in Strava.

I need to share the map with runners in our community to show them there are so many areas to run in during this crisis, not just the popular city paths.


CityStrides imports all your runs as long as they remain in Strava, therefore removing then in CityStrides only is not possible at the moment.

I don’t understand why you combine 2 geographically distinct activities so my advice would be to split the old activities directly in Strava on your computer. CityStrides will then re-import the new activities. (I don’t know if you will have to remove the old activities one more time from Citystrides, but if they are not in Strava anymore, they won’t come back.)

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thank you. I didn’t know that CS resynced older activities.

@sarahkozul I had the same issue. I had a marathon where the GPS went crazy and cuts across the whole map halfway through so I deleted it on CityStrides and it came back. I prefer to not delete it in Strava to prevent it from reloading, maybe something James can address as a feature request when he isnt fighting fires as I would assume this is probably not that uncommon for people to have.

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@sarahkozul and @dallas.devries- depending on how much you care about both a) the aesthetic of your map and b) keeping the activity in, you could have it best of both worlds:

  1. Export your activity with the GPS jump to .gpx
  2. Open the file in a text editor like Notepad
  3. Find the spot where the GPS jumped and simply delete those data points
  4. Save as a new .gpx file
  5. Delete your original activity in Strava and in CityStrides
  6. Upload the edited .gpx to Strava again

This should solve both isssues :grinning: but definitily is some work!

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Also @sarahkozul, you can follow the same process to split your old Strava activities into two separate ones. Let me know if that makes sense :smiley:

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or use for step 2-4

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hey guys - I was good back there after answer #1 that CS re-synced deleted activities.

Strava and map are all cleaned up.

Thanks a bunch. Stay safe on the run.

Hi - an activity on Strava automatically uploaded to CS but the GPS had gone wrong and the lines were all over the place. I deleted the activity from both Strava and CS but it is still showing on CS - is it just a case of it taking a certain amount of time to clear up? Thanks in advance!

When you deleted an activity but it still shows pin your map you will want to clear the browser cache for the map data.
To do that go to your settings in Citystrides. Find the settings for profile, on that page you’ll see something saying ’ Clear Map Data From Browser ’ with a button, click that button and then it should be good.

Thank you for your help.

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