Citystrides is for me down

Whenever I try to access I get this error.

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It works again.

Yeah it went down while I was sleeping and I brought it back online while making my coffee


I hate to whine but…the downtime hurt me a lot yesterday* when I’d plotted a route for a trail run but couldn’t load it when I went out, because spring here in Portugal has made tall grass grow that obscures a lot of the trail markers. Many times I paused and tried to load CityStrides and got the 502…it’s gone down a couple times on Sunday mornings over the past year when I was depending on it for my long run. I’m grateful it’s typically so reliable but when the site is down it’s a big-time bummer!

*It literally hurt me a lot because at one point I ran down what I thought was overgrown section of trail but was really just the woods, and got my legs tangled up in a thorny vine that shredded me up!