"City" that's actually a religious admin region?


I had some walks in the Polish city of Opole, which shows correctly:

However I also noticed a “Rejon opolski” (actually two!):

When clicking the button to go to OSM, it turns out these are religious administration regions. I tried to do some research (I found a page saying that I should delete the “admin_level=7” tags from those regions) and posted a question on the OSM forum, which only led to a long discussion. Summary: it’s a CityStrides problem, because that unit should not be imported.

Now this is all Greek to me. I understand CityStrides thinks this is a city, but why? And is there an option to remove it? Not that it disturbs me, of course, but… well.

Thank you :slight_smile:

When I import a country from OpenStreetMap, I usually do it by figuring out which admin_level value looks most correct for cities. It looks like for most/all of Poland, admin_level 7 looked “most correct” (nothing is perfect, especially in OSM :flushed: )

Rejon opolski was tagged as admin_level=7 which caused it to get imported. It looks like there are 5 cities in Poland whose name starts with “Rejon”:

I’ll queue them all up for deletion, since they’re huge & there are other cities within their borders.

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There is a similar case in Prague, Czech Republic. It spans a very large area (including the whole airport grounds), and everything inside is already contained within different cities. Can we also get it cleaned? Thanks!

I happened to read a discussion on this topic on the OSM forum recently:

It seems that the admin_level tag, originally used for administrative boundaries, has come to be used for other types of hierarchy, especially in certain Central European countries.

Generally contributors felt that anyone using the admin_level tag would also need to check the boundary =administrative tag to ensure they are genuine administrative areas.

Perhaps this would provide a more general solution than deleting specific cities.