"City" that's actually a religious admin region?


I had some walks in the Polish city of Opole, which shows correctly:

However I also noticed a “Rejon opolski” (actually two!):

When clicking the button to go to OSM, it turns out these are religious administration regions. I tried to do some research (I found a page saying that I should delete the “admin_level=7” tags from those regions) and posted a question on the OSM forum, which only led to a long discussion. Summary: it’s a CityStrides problem, because that unit should not be imported.

Now this is all Greek to me. I understand CityStrides thinks this is a city, but why? And is there an option to remove it? Not that it disturbs me, of course, but… well.

Thank you :slight_smile:

When I import a country from OpenStreetMap, I usually do it by figuring out which admin_level value looks most correct for cities. It looks like for most/all of Poland, admin_level 7 looked “most correct” (nothing is perfect, especially in OSM :flushed: )

Rejon opolski was tagged as admin_level=7 which caused it to get imported. It looks like there are 5 cities in Poland whose name starts with “Rejon”:

I’ll queue them all up for deletion, since they’re huge & there are other cities within their borders.

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