City % stopped?

Hello James. Thanks for this wonderful site. Yesterday (March 25), I ran the West Point Fallen Comrades Half (Activity #2659607) and completed 16 streets within that city. West Point has 110 streets so I figured my percentage should have jumped several points. It still read as 0% complete although the sync has gone thru and states that I did complete 16 streets. The route does appear on my lifetime map. Has anyone else recently encountered a similar problem?

I’ve got caches all over the place, lasting up to a day, so that could be part of the problem…
You can either wait another day to see if it sorts itself out, or you can share a link to the page here & I’ll reset any cached for you (I’m a little busy so it might take me as long as just waiting - worth a try, though).

Thanks for the quick reply. I can definitely wait it out because I know your busy. With that said, I wouldnt even know what to send you :joy:. I can barely type (ie…do not know what link you may be inquiring about).

Must’ve just been a delay … I figured out which data I needed & forced that update through.
You’re at 15% now - way to go!

Thank you for looking into this for me and thanks again for all your hard work!!

Hey James, I’ve got a similar situation with my run in Maywood Park, OR from July 30. I’m guessing my 3 miles should put me at 80% or so (gotta love those tiny cities!) but I’m still showing 0%. Thanks for all you do here!

There we go … jed brewster - CityStrides

Thanks!! Was it something you had to do, or did I just need to wait longer?

It looked like waiting might have fixed it… how long were you waiting before posting here?

I am really aggressive with the cache - I have it set to update fairly infrequently - I should probably loosen that up a bit, or at least make it more consistent (forcefully update overnight or something)…