City on map but not on city list

I recently added Dover, UK to the spreadsheet as I couldn’t, and still can’t, see it listed on the main city list; plenty of Dovers across the world but not ‘my’ one in Kent, UK.
But funnily enough it was listed under the Notifications in my Settings where I could select Dover, UK and ask to be told when streets are updated in Open Street Map. I’d forgotten I’d ticked that box until I received an email today saying some streets had been changed and I could check my progress using the link - Dover, England - CityStrides
This goes straight to Dover, UK?! I’ve realised it is also listed in my cities in progress but still doesn’t show in the main city search?
Nothing major but a minor niggle. Or it could be me!

I can’t see it in the list either if I search for ‘dover’. Strangely if I search either ‘dove’ or ‘over’ it does appear amongst all the other Dovers!

It’s searchable via England, United Kingdom - CityStrides … and appears if I run the same code from the main list in a console … but it isn’t appearing in the main list via the website :thinking:
I have a guess that I’ll release/test in a bit, but overall I’m a bit stumped

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Alright, that was weird … but it’s fixed now.

The package I use to handle pagination was doubling up on some returned cities, resulting in at least one (Dover, UK) missing from the list. I adjusted the query a bit (it now sorts by name, and then region) which fixed up its returned data. I’m trying to create a reproduction, and if I’m successful I’ll report the bug…