City of Moorhead, MN, is counted double

Somehow the database shows a Moorhead in Minnesota, and one in North Dakota. The map shows both locations overlapping and identical, and running one of the 318 streets there completes them in both entries and counts as 2 streets. There is no Moorhead, ND.

Hey and welcome Cathy! Having the same issue with Stonington, CT appearing in RI and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with administrative boundaries in OSM, but I’m completely lost as to where or how to find it. Hoping one of the gurus on here can help us make sense of it too!

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My earlier code that imported cities would sometimes assign it to the wrong region. I think there are a bunch in Maryland like this - I’m unsure, and I rely on others like yourself to report them.

I’ve queued up Moorhead ND (and Stonington RI, @aaron_fitzsenry ) for deletion. Thanks!

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Awesome, thank you!

Thanks as well!