City Limit Nodes (Parent/Nested differing)

So I can see some similar but not quite right posts.

Nodes for streets are correctly stopping at the city limits for the parent city (Cardiff, UK), but they aren’t stopping in the same place for nested cities.

Is this by design (if so I can live with that, and to 100% complete the nested city I would have to run outside the city limits, which I have been doing), or should they both end at the same place?

One example is St. Bride’s Road in Cardiff/St. Fagans

Yeah, that’s an issue reported in Some Streets contain Nodes outside of City boundary
I’ve solved it for newly imported cities, but I haven’t gone back and cleaned up existing cities yet.

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Ahh thought so, just wasn’t sure if nesting the city would have taken on the boundaries of the parent city.

Oh, no, this change is way simpler than that.

In the data layer I’m adding a nested boolean to all the cities, defaulting to false as well as a relation between the nested city & its “parent” … Now I’m running code to produce a list of potential nested cities - about 5k sets to review so far, with another ~60k cities to check.

Then the view layer of the site just ignores nested cities for certain counts / in certain places.

The ‘biggest’ change in an area that actually does anything is in the Challenge progress calculations - that’s also ignore nested cities (unless if the Challenge is specifically for a nested city).