City Completion - Newspaper/Media Post Publicity - No Lifemap

Not far off completing my city/borough, 7 streets left which are a bit tricky but going to get it done next week.
The last one I have obtained permission off the local port authorities to do it supervised by their security.
They want to run a piece for some publicity, happy to give City Strides a mention and include my completed life map but its still not working.
any ideas how to fix this? Or is someone able to send it me please?
Failing that could just use Stravas.

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Sounds like you should be able to get at your data now. Well done for negotiating access, but sounds like the actual road needs changing status to private in OSM. If you don’t know how to do it, let me know exactly where it is and I’ll update it for the benefit of other users. Well done on nearing completion!

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I see four (!!) CityStrides accounts for you, or at least with the same name as you. Three of them have a connection to Strava, so those are duplicates in Strava as well.

I’ll need you to share the URL for your profile, which you can get from the top right menu. It looks like all but one of the accounts has recent data, so I’m not sure what you’re doing.

Thank you, got 5 street left, 2 today, 1 tomorrow, need low tide to do it, then the final 2 round the docks on Wednesday.
Here is my profile:

Used to be able to get a map of all those routes completed but for some reason I can’t make that appear now. but if you could send me a screenshot that would be brill :slight_smile:

Thanks you.

Are you able to view the LifeMap for the linked account through a private browser window? I’m able to see the LifeMap for this account, so it would help me debug things to know if the private browser view works for you…

Oh, also try another device - the advanced LifeMap that supporters get uses a different data format which addresses an issue where too much data can cause it to not display or fully crash the browser.
You might be experiencing this issue, where the device can’t handle the amount of data to display.

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Haha so finally got there, work laptop win10 didn’t work, private browser on my iPhone didn’t work but … personal computer win 10 incognito browser through chrome, lifemap now populated :wink: can get my own screenshot of my populated map.

Don’t suppose there anyway to find out a gps gone haywire route line across the map what activity that relates too? So can delete it?


You can right click on it so it’s highlighted, then you see details if that run. That’s on PC web. On my ipad it’s also possible to just click a line, but very tricky to hit it and get it highlighted for some reason…

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@garethdavies87 and once you use @hans1 's trick to find the activity that caused the line, you can then delete that activity (on CS).

If other parts of that activity are required for a full LifeMap, then…

Depending on how the activity was initially recorded, it may be possible to edit (trim) that activity to get rid of the wonky bit.

One of the CS pages has a link to that info, or it is in the forum. A search should find it.

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Thank you both :slight_smile: I think though editing a activity from a life map gps line must be a supporter only functionality as its not letting me right click the line? Got no way of finding which activity it relates to :laughing:

Think I’ve 100% my area today :slight_smile: all nodes are blue, just waiting on progress bar to say 100% :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: