City border update : Tilburg


While looking at my stats (97%), and looking for the remaining streets (67 to go) noticed that those were outside my city bordes.
My map = Tilburg, Noord-Brabant - CityStrides

Then I realized that a small city (Haaren / Netherlands) was removed (only the name of course), and spread of the surrounding cities. Meaning that some small villages were added to my town, and this is correctly changed in OSM, some time ago. However this is not reflected back in CityStrides.

I searched the forum, and learned that this is not done automatically. So would like to ask if this can be update please.
For @JamesChevalier to make it easy I’ve listed down the links to the relevant citys. For me Tilburg if of course of most interest :grinning:



I hope that you are able to update those above.
Thanks in advance :ok_hand:

@JamesChevalier , nothing to rush, but any idea if and when this is feasible.
I don’t think there is something I can do :thinking:
Problem is that I am not able check the streets I am missing in my City easily for creating a new route (especially around the borders…)

I am just wondering if there is anything that I miss. Not able to find an other thread that handles such kind of issues. I’ve found a missing city tracker, but I believe it is not for updating existing cities.

Ping @JamesChevalier

If there is anything I can do (except waiting :wink: )

I’ve queued up a border update for each of these cities, so that should be done soon.

I’m unsure if I should mark Haaren as nested within Tilburg, or fully delete it from CityStrides.

:clap: :slightly_smiling_face: Perfect thanks @JamesChevalier .

Well Haaren can be complete removed from CityStrides. Is ceased to exists couple of years ago. And also in OSM it is not present as a city anymore.

So if you can remove Haaren, that would be all. Thanks.

I noticed today Haaren is no longer a separate city.
So this border update did its job.
Cost me 23 streets. :scream: but ok, the pretty purple lines on my map are still there.

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