City and Street progress disappeared

After a while of inactivity i loged back in and all my progress has disappeared. There are only a few completed streets out of many. Map is still up to date and all runs show as purple lines. Nodes are also shown as blue (completed). Is there any way to fix it ?

Your account was created on 2020-09-05, is it possible that you revoked access some time ago? If you did that, your data in CityStrides would have been deleted & your recent return would have started the process of re-gathering/processing it all.

If you browse your activities in CityStrides, do you see your full history? Or is stuff missing?

I dont remember revoking access. I can see all my activities but it doesn’t show that i completed/progressed any streets. If i complete/progress a new street in recent activity it shows that i completed/progressed a new street but it ignores streets that i ran in past. (also I made my account public idk if it helps you with identifying the problem ) Thank you for your time…