Cities with no streets

Hi James, I added this post to “Cities with 0 streets” a couple weeks ago but am not sure if it was seen.

I have been away for a while so I do not know when this happened. In my quest to complete towns in NH, I came across Kilkenny, NH which did not have any streets. I completed all the trails in this town and was able to see Kilkenny, NH in my list of completed cities. However, it has now disappeared. I am wondering why cities with 0 streets were removed. I am not sure what issues it creates since a strider would not see it in their list of “cities in progress” or “cities completed” unless they had at least one run within the city boundaries. Even though it did not have any streets, it is a key piece of information needed to keep track of my progress on all cities in NH. Is there any reason we can’t bring these towns back? Many Thanks

Note that its admin_level was downgraded from 8 to 9 about 6 months ago, so it might no longer fit the automated importing of OSM data that happens. (I do not know whether such a change is taken into account after the first import, just figured I’d point that out)

Doesn’t appear that admin_level is the problem. Erving’s Location, which also has 0 streets, was also changed from admin_level 8 to 9 about 6 months ago and I can still search and view it in CityStrides. However, I cannot search and view Kilkenny. Any other ideas?