Cities 100%+ but not in completed cities list

With recent city updates, I have several I’ve previously completed now showing as 100.2%, 100.18%, and 100.13%. What’s even more strange is that they are no longer showing up in my completed cities list and are back in the ‘in progress’ list.

I can’t look into anything without links, because your account is private. I mean, I could go looking through the database for City IDs etc but I’m not going to. :sweat_smile:

Please feel free to privately message me the city links if you don’t want that information shared publicly.

Happening to me as well

Thanks for sharing the links!

It’s looking like some cities aren’t getting their street counts updated, which is causing progress calculations to go bad.
I’m actively working on that city update code now, because it’s a source of a lot of pain, so I’m hopefully going to get this sorted out soon.

I know that real pros give 110%. I’m trying to get there.

FYI, it’s me in this city, in case you want to look into it.

Thanks! I’ve adjusted the data for Somerville.

I released a major overhaul of the city update code today, but missed this fix. It looks like a simple fix that should also retroactively fix this issue for anyone who hasn’t reported it yet. I’ll be able to get that out tonight/tomorrow.

I did pause automatic city updates when I released the overhauled code, because I want to do a lot of careful spot-checking before unleashing this onto the world. :sweat_smile: So far, things look good, but … computers, y’know?


Can you please also adjust Marblehead, MA? Excited to see this code in action.