Changing streets entered manually to completion

First of all, sincere apologies if this sounds confusing. Is there a way to change streets marked as manually completed to actual completion? I completed a street hitting every node using two separate runs. I ended up erasing one of those runs since I did not like how the GPS registered it on the Life Time map. By doing this, the completed street somehow changed to manual completion. Yesterday (12/28/2017), I decided to run the section of the street that I erased hoping that it would change back to actual completion (it hasn’t even though all the nodes are now marked as green). Is there any way to change this? Thanks in advance and any info on this would be appreciated.

:thinking: hhhmmmm… I’m not sure! I haven’t seen this issue come up, yet. I’ll need to look into it!

Thank you for your quick response. The street in question is Pigeon Meadow Road for New York, New York region. All nodes are green but state is was manually completed. Again, thanks for quick response and really love this program.

How would a street become “Manually Completed”? I don’t recall purposely doing any but just found out that Olive Street and Hempstead Avenue in New York, New York is somehow Manually Completed for me. The only possibility is that maybe when I tried to see the nodes info, which usually takes longer than the rest of the web site, I might have accidentally clicked Mark As Completed. I just hope there are no other such roads.

It looks like there is some error with the “manual completion” setting right now. It is saying that I have “manually completed” every street right now…i.e. if I click on any street it shows up as “manually completed” (but the “Mark as Complete” button is still there so obviously it isn’t completed yet).

I just noticed the same problem on my pages. Every street page I visit that I haven’t completed by running it says I’ve manually completed it.

And then the pages of streets I have completed show I’ve done it twice.

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The good news is I actually completed a street this morning and it now shows really Completed, not Manually Completed, with the date of completion, so whatever bug is causing the issue doesn’t affect the outcome when the heatmappers do the actual completion.

I have the same thing going on.

Thanks to everyone on this thread - all really helpful info!!
I’ll look into this and report back when I have Good News. :smile:

Update: OK, I see… There’s no data problem - it’s all a display issue. So that’s good. It all stems from some performance improvement work I was doing (some street pages take forever to load - I think it’s due to either cities with many people or people with many activities/progress) … looks like I’m inadvertently adding the logged in user to the list of Striders for every street in the cities they run/walk in. :flushed: More soon…

Second Update: Shoutout to @mikehaworth @qaptainqwerty @jason @joejoezz @dljamet_1999 … This looks fixed to me, but I want to double check with all of you to be sure. I kind of dashed through this fix while dinner was cooking - I could have made it worse. :grimacing:

Yes, the world is again a warm and fuzzy place for us heatmappers, all good, thank you!

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Looks good on my end. Thanks James!

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