Changing source of activities

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I have taken a break from running and I am close to returning. I discovered that my watch and platform is no longer supported so I had to purchase a new watch which cannot download to my primary source of activities located in MapMyFitness. For my 7+ years on CityStrides, All of my original and edited actitivies come from MapMyFitness. Many of these activies (but not all) have been pushed to Strava over the last 5+ years.
Question: Can I just add Strava in my CityStrides settings without creating a problem with my lifemap and losing activities? I am worried about the large overlap with my MapMyFitness & Strava accounts. i would like all my activities from this date backwards to come from MapMyFitness and all activities going forward to come from Strava.

Question2: Have you considered having the ability to backup user data up to a selected date and then being able to load a backup and then only sync (going forward) from that date? Not sure if that would cut down on the amount of processing that has to be done when resyncing a user account.

Looking forward to returning and continuing the adventure. Thanks!

  1. Yes, you can add other activity trackers to your account in the Activity Trackers section of your Settings page. Activities are de-duplicated based on their start time, so if the data is the exact same in Strava as it is in MapMyFitness then it will be skipped.

  2. I see CityStrides as a lifelong project - I think it’s most useful/interesting when you’re looking at your entire life’s effort. I created Challenges as a way to time-block efforts - you can set a start date, an optional end date, and optionally choose a city. This lets you e.g. run every street within a certain year or after a certain date.

Thank you @JamesChevalier
Re #2: I didn’t mean to imply backup data as a way to start fresh on a new project, but as a way to prevent data loss in the future. During my time away from running I lost access to my running watch’s platform (TomTom) and any chance to backup the data. Thank god I had everything on MapMyFitness, but in the future, if they go away, I would lose all my old data.

Thanks for all you do!