Change the menus from opening on hover to opening on tap/click

I just came across this tweet:

It’s surprising to me that “Menus opening on hover, not tap/click” is a frustration, but I figured I should check in with everyone to make sure I’m not annoying you all. :sweat_smile:

Vote on this post if you would prefer to tap/click to open the top left & right menus, instead of them opening on hover.

Not a major annoyance, but it is quite common for me to accidentally trigger the right-hand menu when I am trying to zoom in-out (on laptop).

For me it’s that the node hunter button is too close to the left-hand drop-down menu on desktop. That’s my bugaboo in route mode. Otherwise I on’t think I mind them, either changing to tap/click or making them not so close together would work.

I’m only using my phone to access CityStrides so no issue for me - it’s all click to open just like every other website.

I have found it annoying on some other websites that utilize it, but not on CityStrides.

Not going to vote, as it has not affected me. Put me in the “either way is fine, whatever is easiest for you” camp

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I concur with @jpbari . Were it not for this thread, I would never have noticed.