Change of username?

Hi there,

I was wondering how you can change the username in the profile.
Some of you have custom names… and I am @969823ab4485c3f2e393 … I’d rather be not that random number. :pensive:

Can someone let me know how you did it? The preferences seem only to allow the change of full name.


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Not 100%, but click your picture, top right of this page,
Then the tab with a silhouette of a person,
Then preferences…

And see if you can do something there.
Maybe “Name”? I can’t seem to edit “Username”

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Yeah, there is only the option to change the “name”, not the “username” …
it is not clickable or something…

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Oh well. But at least you cleared up something for me… I was assuming people wanted those weird usernames… I thought they were being clever in hexadecimal or something. Hopefully/maybe @JamesChevalier will pop his head in.

I wish!! :joy: :joy: :joy: