Challenge status not updating

Hey, I created a challenge yesterday to see if I could do my whole city within 6 months, but my progress doesn’t seem to be updating - I’ve done three activities that have synced across and my map is up to date within the challenge, but I’m still showing as 0.0%. (I haven’t walked any streets that are completely new to my account - could it be that it’s expecting new streets only?)

Perhaps I did something wrong when setting it up, but I’d appreciate your support.

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This is odd, since there is data indicating progress but the data that indicates completed streets is missing…
I reprocessed your activities from July 1 & 2, which has adjusted your percentage.

Let me know if future activities also fail to update your overall stats…

The rest of this info probably doesn’t apply to you, but might be helpful for others who find themselves in somewhat similar situations…

The dates you set up for your Challenge determine what counts towards it. Additionally, only fully completed streets will increase your percentage.

Your Challenge is set to run July 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024
This means that only streets that are fully completed within that time frame count. Any full or partial completions before/after that range do not count towards your progress in that Challenge.

Thanks James, I can see 10 completed streets now so this is looking much better. I’ll be walking the dog shortly so will message within the next few hours if the next activity doesn’t sync completely.

Can you also confirm whether the activities drawn on the map are correct? It should be automatically filtering your LifeMap so it only shows activities within your Challenge time frame.

I ask because it doesn’t look like any activities are shown on the map when I look at your Challenge. I’m unsure if the same thing is happening for you.

Yeah, the map was correct with the activities since 1st July, however if I typed in a street name that I had done, and was clearly showing as complete on the map, all of the nodes were still showing red.

Just a quick update - I did my next activity and everything came through fine - the map is fine, and the new streets are all marked off.


The AMSAP July Challenge isn’t updating either.