Challenge: activity showing outside time range (+ how to delete duplicate?)

Kia ora! New person here. Great site. I would like to walk/run all the streets in my city & found your site & started 1 Aug. I set up a challenge on 31 July (Challenge: Every Palmy Street - CityStrides) to be able to ‘start from scratch’ and separate the new activities from all of the local streets that I’ve run in the past.

Two issues:
1 - I went for a walk after setting up the challenge on 31 July and that activity is showing in the challenge even though the challenge is set to start on 1 Aug. How do I remove that activity from the challenge? (I could just delete the activity all together, but thought I’d ask before I do that.)
2 - I set up a new duplicate challenge on 1 Aug (CityStrides) when I realised the 31 July activity was in the 1st challenge as I thought the challenge might just be catching all activities after the time that I set it up. So starting a new one would get around that. However it didn’t and I now have two ‘Every Palmy Street’ challenges which have the same information in them. I tried to ‘leave’ both challenges, but they are still there.

Hope that makes sense! I’d like just one challenge that starts 1 Aug. Could you help me delete one challenge and remove the 31 July activity please? Thanks in advance.

I suspect @JamesChevalier will be able to help you and that the error is due to time zone discrepancies

I’ve taken care of deleting the extra Challenge for you.
I’m still looking into where the timezone issue is: the Challenge date, the Activity date, or the code that determines eligibility.

If you look at your July 31 activity’s page, is it displaying the date/time incorrectly there?
I think it will also help if you can share the exact date/time of the activity, so I can compare that with what I’m storing…

Thanks. The date/time of the activity look to be the same on Garmin and City Strides.31st July 2022, walk started at 14:20. 7.7 km.

This is bizarre because everything looks correct & I cannot manually get this activity to apply to this challenge … The activity’s date is stored properly, the challenge’s date is set properly, all queries that decide whether or not the activity/challenge pair with each other work properly … I’m going to reset your progress to see if things work out correctly this time.

Thanks. If you don’t have any luck, Iet me know and I’ll delete that 31July walk!

Is your newly reprocessed challenge still including the activity from the 31st? :thinking:

Yes. Still there :-/

I think I see what’s going on…
It looks like the activity is not applicable to the challenge, so it’s not counting towards your progress in that challenge at all.
It is being included in the LifeMap filter that applies to the map display on challenge pages, though.

I went through the database to gather the activities that are counting towards this challenge and verified that they’re all from August 1 and later. So I just need to fix up the map display to match that.

:nerd_face: I’m looking into this now, and notice that JavaScript’s Date.parse produces an incorrect value (oh, because I wasn’t also passing in a specific time). It’s parsing the challenge’s start date as July 30.
:thinking: Computers might have been a mistake.
Well - your challenge progress is correct, it’s just a display issue, and I hope to have this resolved soon. When I fix it up, that activity will just disappear from the challenge map.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :grinning:

Hi - any idea when I’ll be able to see the challenge-related activities on the challenge map again? At the moment there isn’t anything showing on that map. And I’ve found that challenge map super helpful on my phone (which i now realise since the activities have disappeared :rofl:)

No rush, can time filter my life map for the time being i think!

I’ve fixed this locally and it will go out in the next release. I’m blocked from releasing right now because some large city updates are running & I don’t like to interrupt those. I’ll be able to get the fix out by end of day tomorrow, though.

Update: I was able to get this released today - Updates on August 12, 2022 (Release 593)

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