Cannot Sync with Strava

I have signed up a new account with Citystrdies and Strava for two weeks now and authourised. i have done several walks and recorded in Strava . However, the distance captured in Strava is not transferred to CItystrides.I have been checking everyday but. no updates. I am not familiar how to raise my concern in the forum and can only email.
Thank you and appreciate your help.
Best wishes, Yuen

Hi Yuen,
I did reply to your email: Your activities in Strava are set to type “Ride” but CityStrides only brings in Run, Walk, or Hike.

I also included a question about Singapore, since you’re local - it would be awesome if you could help me out with that.
I’m worried that I added Singapore correctly… I think I imported the regions as cities: Singapore, Singapore - CityStrides

I’m unsure if I should have added those as regions and then imported smaller areas as cities - some examples:

Do you think I should leave the region/city list as it is now, or do you think I should change it?