Cannot see other striders' runs anymore

Just tried to take a look at my friend’s latest runs but when I click his run in CS I get the message “You are not authorized to perform this action”. His profile is Benny eriksson - CityStrides
At first I thought he had made some change to his security, but after a while I realize it’s the same for any strider I try to see, but only for runs performed on and after Nov 23. Older runs can be opened.
But I found that for one of my friends, all his runs are visible. And he is not a subscriber!
His profile Martin Wirström - CityStrides
So have you made any changes that could cause this @JamesChevalier ?

Ah, yeah, I changed the way I referenced privacy levels on the user. I have to adjust how this sometimes feeds into the activity privacy level. This fix will be released shortly.

Update: This should be fully resolved now

Yes, now it looks OK again, thanks!