Can we unsync?

I do have a run missed from 4/2, But I saw will get fixed and is most likely in the queue. I noticed though that all of my runs since January have now synced up. I didn’t sign up until like mid-March and they just recently showed up.

This is probably an odd question, but is there a way to unsync the previous runs for now? I wanted to try and see how many streets that I could do during quarantine and not include any previous ones. (And I could sync them later after quarantine if I wanted.)


Not possible to unsync. All or nothing.
You could make a seperate account at RunKeeper and only transfer you quarantine runs.
Just make sure you don’t connect the RunKeepr with your existing CityStride/Strava account, by signing out first.

@megan.piette there is a great solution availble for this! By becoming a subscriber you are granted additional functionality on your lifemap. What you’re wondering about is included here; you can set a time filter and see just what you have completed within that window. It works great!

The other possibility, technically, is that you could delete all your previous activities one at a time… but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.