Can I manually complete / uncomplete streets?

Just started trying out CityStrides and of course I’ve run into a problem straight away. :slight_smile:

On this map my GPS obviously thought I took a shortcut through a concrete building when I of course was walking on the street as usual:

This has made CityStrides to think I have not completed either Borgmästargatan or Munkgatan.

Is there any way to manually mark these nodes as completed? Or perhaps drag-n-drop-change the GPS-data do get straighter lines?

In a similar fashion, is there a way to manually uncomplete a node? (where the GPS has gone a bit haywire)
For instance, in the below screenshot, CityStrides think I have completed Solters Plan but I didn’t enter that street :frowning:
(Nope no screenshot since I’m a new user and can only post one picture. . . grr)

Sidenote: This seems like basic operations to be able to do and if this has been asked before I’m sorry. But I searched for ‘manual’ and ‘manually’ and ‘by hand’ and didn’t find anything. And I’ve seen to have found no ‘guidebook’ or ‘FAQ’ where answers might lie. :-/

Hey, I can’t help you with marking nodes as incomplete but I can definitely help you mark a street as complete.

Go into your activity on your profile page.
Click on the road under the ‘progressed’ section.
It will then bring it up on the map, click ‘check it out’.
Select the ‘details’ tab and there you will find ‘mark as complete’.

I’ve never done it myself but I think that should work.

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Looks like @mikehaworth helped you out with the ‘mark as complete’ feature.

The ‘mark as incomplete’ idea is pretty interesting … There are a few people using CityStrides who are Ultimate Completionists™ that strive for 100% node completion (as opposed to the 90% the site allows for) - they might like this feature…

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90%? So if I just run through 9 out of 10 nodes in a street I’ll get the street completed anyway?

Yeah, that’s right.
I set it to 90% because there are some streets with bad node data - stuff that’s out of reach.

Ok that explains a lot and thank you for that because I have one street with a node completely out of place (like 2 km away from the actual street).

If you are using runkeeper, you can edit your route, node-by-node to make it perfectly align with the street (or where you ran). I do this all the time when the GPS reading goes bad. If you are using Strava, you should join runkeeper as a free user, export the GPX file from Strava, import it into Runkeeper, edit, save and export GPX again to a new file. Then go back to Strava, delete the original, import the new GPX.

In citystrides, delete the bad run and wait for it to resync.