Buggy run sync

My LifeMap and % streets are updating but my most recent run is showing up multiple times in my profile, and as 0 new streets completed/progressed (it did cover new ground).

Is this limited to just the 23rd? Are there other days?

I’m worried it’s related to Duplicate Activities … they attributed the problem to clicking Sync Now multiple times - did you do that as well? (no worries if you did; I thought the code I wrote would handle that properly)

Yes, I did hit “sync now” at least twice. But I did that on the previous activity (Feb 22) as well, and it only registered once…

If it’ll help, I can probably exercise some restraint and only hit “sync now” once per activity — the sync lag has me all confused after weeks of near-instant gratification! :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are massive delays recently - you can always view the status page to see the state of things: CityStrides

For now, you can just delete one of the duplicate activities.

Thanks for all you do! I’m having a total blast exploring my city with CityStrides.

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