Buggy Location Services


Not sure if this is a Firefox bug, mapbox bug, or citystrides bug, but:

GPS location button only seems to work “on browser refresh”, on Firefox mobile. When I have a restarted browser, I get two prompts, one seems like a browser prompt “allow location?” Which starts tracking my location, then a second one maybe Mapbox shows up and seemingly does nothing.

Later visits to the same tab / browser occasionally show the second prompt but my location services stops working. I think restarting the app entirely resets this process. Just tested and a new fresh tab doesn’t seem to help.

I’m on iPhone iOS 17.5.1 and Firefox browser.

Early days, haven’t tested this much in DuckDuckGo browser but I did just try and got the same “double allow” prompt.

Anyone else?

I only use Safari in iOS, and can confirm that there are two prompts. One prompt is for general location info (placing the blue dot on the map), and one prompt is for motion/orientation (placing a small arrow on the blue dot to indicate which direction you’re facing).

I get both of these prompts every time I use the button. There doesn’t seem to be any way to remember/store that permission. I haven’t put any effort into figuring out if that’s completely true, because I’m ok/happy with the idea that nobody has to worry if they’ve granted CityStrides or any other website permanent access to their location data.

It sounds like a Firefox bug, since a new tab doesn’t resolve the issue.
I don’t typically keep mobile browser tabs open, so every time I use CityStrides it’s a new window … I’ll try leaving it open for a few days to see if that causes the bug to appear.

I notice that when I return to the site after many hours away, it forces a full page refresh. This refresh resets the location feature & I have to click the button to turn it back on. That click results in the two prompts (one time it only prompted once, so one of the permissions was still intact).

I wonder if Firefox in iOS has a similar page refresh situation, but the permissions aren’t also fully reset. My understanding with non-Safari browsers in iOS is that they’re the same underlying engine with their custom UI, so maybe there is some bugginess around their implementation of the permission system. :person_shrugging: