Bug in "Streets this route will complete nodes for" list

@JamesChevalier, I have noticed a bug with the built-in route functionality, that has been present at least over the last couple of months (I think I have experienced this all the way back to somewhere last year). Nothing that needs to be fixed immediately, mostly just a small annoyance over an inconsistency.

When looking at a route, there is a list of “Streets this route will complete nodes for”. This list seems to always contain all streets covered by the route that I am missing nodes for, which is expected. However, it also often contains some, but not necessarily all, streets that are covered by the route, but do not have any uncaptured nodes. See, this random route (CityStrides) I created that covers both already fully completed streets and uncompleted streets. The list shown contains all the uncompleted streets, but also a single completed street (with all nodes shown as captured). However, there are more than one completed street covered by that route.

Personally, I think that the list should show all uncompleted streets coverd by the route, in addition to complete streets that have uncaptured nodes covered by the route. Fully completed streets (no missing nodes) should not be shown in the list, as the route won’t complete any new nodes for those streets.