Bug in List of Cities Completed


Looks like there is a problem with the way the list of completed towns displays. I’ve noticed on occasions that I was missing a town in my completed list. Today, I completed New Castle, NH and it disappeared off my list of Cities. I am showing 22 completed towns, which is correct, but Hooksett, NH is showing twice - Once on screen #1 and once on screen #2.

Edited: Actually there are multiple duplicate towns on Screen 1 and 2. Other missing towns on my list are Raymond, NH, Dunstable, MA, Hollis, NH, Litchfield, NH, Rye, NH, Allenstown, NH, and Chester, NH.

Link to my profile:

I’m decently sure that this is a pagination issue, and not a data loss/duplication issue.

I was able to run some count queries, and everything came back sane… and I noticed that the pagination query was ordering only by percentage complete. So I think that any cities that have the same percentage complete were getting placed differently in the order each time a page was requested.

I’ve attached a secondary order, so that should stop happening after the next release (probably some time tomorrow).


I agree. I am able to search on any of my missing towns/cities and I am still listed as a strider. I just wasn’t able to display the town borders with my LifeMap included. Thanks for looking into this. I will await the next release and try again.

Released - Let me know if that helped.

Looks like that did the trick. Thank you! :sunglasses: