Bug in city listing numbers

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After each batch of city updates (all of my 20 cities around Stockholm update the same day)
I just check the city listing to see if any of my completed cities are not 100% anymore. E.g today one of them had gone down to 99.77% due to an extension for one street.
But then more by chance I noticed that one city, Solna kommun, was still listed as 100%, but street count said 352 of 353 streets. Going to the city details I find one incomplete street, correct, due to an extension of that street.
So why did the percentage not drop for Solna?

This is pretty stressful, given all my recent work was towards fixing exactly this issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

:thinking: Is it possible that this percentage value has been incorrect for a bit? I’m wondering if this is a new issue, or if it’s something that happened earlier & won’t be auto-corrected - more of that convo is in Percentages incorrect - #11 by JamesChevalier

Either way, I’d like to hear about cases where the city percentage is correct … a city update occurs … and the percentage ends up wrong. I want to make sure this is fully fixed.

I can definitely see that this missing street was introduced four days ago, in Changeset: 139505906 | OpenStreetMap
So before that, Solna was a correct 100%

I see a similar thing on my friend Benny’s account.

He was at 100% for Sundbybergs kommun, a couple of days ago someone extended a small service road

, and now he’s at 211 of 212 streets but still 100%.

Thanks for adding an example.

I also noticed that your percentage did not decrease, even with the city update I pushed through. This might help me figure out what’s causing the issue - I suspect that only ‘touched’ accounts are being processed & it’s not picking up accounts as being touched for some reason. :thinking: :male_detective:

Hmm, makes me think… this was Solna, where I have not run at all since last update. But for ”Södermalms stadsdelsområde” which had the same scenario, someone extended a street a bit, this showed up correctly as 99.73%. But here I had actually run a small part of that city since last update (not to catch nodes, as I was already at 100%, just passing through a corner)

Yeah, I’ve fixed a number of bugs in the last couple hours … Waiting on some background jobs to finish, so I can deploy the fixes.

I think the most glaring issue, in your case, is that (this is a little complicated) the old version was too lax on updating percentages around new streets:

  • new streets were created
    • these did not immediately affect percentages, with the logic that no node data existed yet
  • new nodes were created/processed
  • any created completed streets resulted in percentages being updated
    • anyone how hadn’t completed the new streets would now have incorrect percentages

It’ll be a bit more ‘jittery’ if you’re watching your stats intensely while a city is being updated, but the new version (being released shortly) will forcefully update people’s stats after a new street is created … and then re-adjust stats for whoever completed the new streets already.

RE: notifications, the system doesn’t re-notify for milestones - so if you were at :100: and a new street was created, dropping your %, and then the new nodes are processed which sees you’ve completed them, bringing you back to :100: , you will not be notified again for the :100:


I see that both my and Benny’s profiles are now correct again, good!

Having the same issue:


Seems to be fixed now for both of us :grinning: at least that’s what I’m seeing

Cool, so fast :open_mouth:
Thanks James!

I feel like this might be the issue I am having with Franklin Township. But i dont have any new streets to complete but not at 100%
Here is the city:

My profile:

Also whenever I get a notification with this city it has always said the same 2 streets were deleted. But this has been going on for many months.

For Franklin Township - was that percentage incorrect for a while, or did it just recently become incorrect?

Next time you get that email, if you think of it - can you create a new post in Support with the names of the streets?

Well, this seems to be a never-ending story :slight_smile:
Today on of my 100% cities was updated:

One street , Förrådsgränd - CityStrides had a new portion added, four nodes (on Oct 15 in OSM). For me it looks OK, I now have 354 of 355 complete, 99,72 %. But there were four of us running here that were all at 100% before. Now all of us have 354 streets, but two still say 100%. And we’re all in first place, see screen shot

Well, now it looks OK again, all four of us are at 99,72% with that one street missing. Did it sort itself out after some time, or did @JamesChevalier do something?

I jiggled the handle

Thanks! Interesting that this was for Hässelby-Vällingby which is now OK, but this is a city nested in Stockholm, which was also updated the same day. And the same street in Stockholm Förrådsgränd - CityStrides shows up in the completed list for all of us, but when going to the street I have only 85% of the nodes. Maybe that will fixed in the next update

Definitely odd … looks like nodes were created on the 22nd. Maybe you were previously complete, then nodes were added but your stats weren’t updated?

I’ve just sent the city’s completed street records in for validation, so those should be corrected for you soon.

Yes, that’s correct. We were all complete, and then these nodes were added. But now it look better for Stockholm as well