Broken weather report!

A little issue I noted after a lunchtime wander is that some of the weather report on the activity summary is a bit broken.

Today is a bit overcast but supposedly the cloud cover is at 10000% - I’m surprised there’s any daylight out there! :wink:

The humidity is at 8270% :umbrella:

And the wind is coming in the from the east at approximately 14.805928 kph. Roughly :crazy_face:

I know the last update included a tweak to the weather so maybe there’s something there causing problems.

Another for the List of Things To Do!



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I had to switch weather providers, since Dark Sky was acquired and shut down. The new one stores data a bit differently, so it looks like some of the modifications I was doing to make things look correct no longer need to be done. Thanks for letting me know - the next release should sort that out.