Blank Leaderboard

I just hit 30% for my city (and the first person to do it) so went to see if I literally put Cardiff on the map, but I just get a virtually blank screen. Is it just me?
For reference I’m using Firefox.

:anguished: :confounded:
Same issue here … Looks like my code isn’t working well with a particular runner name. :thinking:

I’ll update this post as things progress…

Update: I temporarily fixed the issue, but I’m expecting it to return until I can update the underlying code to better handle funky text.

Thanks I can now see the leaderboard/map.
But I’m not showing up yet is this because;
A) You have to actually have 30% not 29.86% like I actually have, even though it shows 30% on the city page.
B) It takes time.
C) Cardiff is on there but the map co-ordinates aren’t in the right place (like another thread).
D) Something else.

Yeah, a few of these apply… None of this is set in stone - I’m open to changes here, but some of the decisions were made for performance reasons (caching for a full day, for example).

The list is cached for a full day, so you might technically make it into the leaderboard but not appear on the page for another 24 hours if that cache was just built. It’s built/checked each time someone visits the page.
The leaderboard is limited to people who have run more than 30% of their city. So exactly 30% won’t make it.
It does look like Cardiff has the correct map location, though.

It looks like that percentage value is cached in places, as well - it shouldn’t report differently on different pages (30% on one page and 29.86% on another). :thinking:

Ah no problem I will just have to go out and get those 10 or so streets tonight to put me over 30%. (FYI no page says 29.86%, they all round up to the nearest integer, I just worked it out).
I’ve just been waiting to get on the leaderboard, because as I was zoning in on 20% you raised it to 30% :rofl:.

A few quirks I’ve noticed though (that you might not be aware of);
Firefox laptop - full map with locations but list of runners are all ‘mystery runner’, however, you can find out their names if you click on the relevant cities.
Chrome laptop - completely blank page like the above picture still.
Safari phone - no map, however, runners names are no longer hidden as ‘mystery runner’.

I swear I’m not keeping an eye on your progress and increasing the leaderboard just as you’re about to place. :laughing:

I think the ‘mystery runner’ issue should be sorted now.
I can’t reproduce the Chrome issue… Is that still occurring for you?
The lack of a map on mobile is intended because I’m bad at design. :man_shrugging: