Best way to fix a workout in MapMyFitness?

I have a few workouts in MapMyFitness where either I forgot to stop the workout or the app died and missed the end of the workout. So I end up with long, straight lines across the map (driving across town) or missing data.

What is the best way to fix these for CityStrides? I understand that the source data needs to be edited. I’ve tried editing the route in MapMyFitness. I’ve tried copying the route, removing the original route from the workout, and attaching the new route to the workout. But when I delete the activity in CS and re-sync, I get the old, incorrect route.

I asked MapMyFitness, and they said that updating the route doesn’t cause the stats for the workout to be recalculated. Their support pages talk about being able to import TCX and GPX files, but the Import page does not show a widget for this. (Apparently it went away in November?)

Looking for some helpful hints on how to fix this. Thanks!

Yeah, I don’t think MapMyFitness updates the underlying GPS data for edited activities in their API responses. It’s super annoying, because the activity will be displayed as the post-edit version on their site, but since they keep sending me the pre-edit data I can’t update anything on my side.

If you are recording on a garmin device you can trim the activity in Garmin Connect. Strava also can trim actifvities.

Otherwise, I don’t think you can trim or edit the gpx trace in the MMR/MMF interface. If you create a free Runkeeper account you can upload the gpx there and edit it in their browser-based editor, but it’s slow and clunky. For simply trimming off the long straight lines, your best bet is trimming in Garmin Connect or Strava, downloading the gpx, and reuploading it to MMR/MMF (assuming that’s where you track your overall data)

Thanks, James and Kevin.

James: I think you’re right. I’ve edited a few workouts, only to have the same GPS data come over to CityStrides every time while it looks like it’s been corrected in MapMyFitness.

Kevin: I’m recording from the MapMyWalk app on an iPhone. I just realized that on the MapMyFitness site, the Dashboard → Add Workout page (MapMyFitness) has an option to ‘Upload From File’. They need to update their Support pages.

I’ve seen a few tools for editing TCX files, so presumably this will work. Will update when I give it a try.
Still would appreciate any helpful hints. Thanks!