Badges for milestones

I’m afraid to do this… I’ll stick with knowing I’m 100% without flipping a switch, that I may want to un-flip. Don’t want the CS servers burning through too many CPU cycles. :slight_smile:

^^^ Meant to add that to previous post. :upside_down_face:

How about creating a Badge for taking part in the Inaugural Global Running Day. If I recall correctly, striders had to opt in for that challenge day.

Looking forward to the Nodevember challenge, especially viewing the world map and seeing the many streets completed.

Maybe another badge if you finish in the top percentile or place for a challenge like Global Running Day or Nodevember.

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I’m with you…

The idea that “hard” more is the proper way is a little insulting to be honest. I have had to rerun streets because of GPS inaccuracy even without hard mode. I can’t imagine the landmine of nodes I might have if I switched to hard mode because my GPS drifted. Personally I would rather run new roads than worry about GPS issues on past runs or spend time trying to learn and update OSM for everything or trying to tresmap…though I have done more tresmapping than I should have…

Even with hard mode you can skip streets. I looked at someone with 100% completion on a city here and their map was littered with streets that they did not do simply because the node placement did not ensure completion. Though not gonna lie I could be motivated to update OSM to stick nodes on the parts of these streets I see people skipping haha.

As for badging

  • Bad for street completion…this should not simply be 1000, 2000, 3000 etc but rather make it more difficult for each one. 50–>250–>500->1000–>2500–>5000–>1000. Create smaller steps for those starting out but make the badging harder as you go.
  • Badges for the number of cities or countries run
  • Badge if you run 100 roads in a day
  • Badge for some monthly milestone, you could get a new one each month you accomplish it. Make it something reasonable enough for people to want to try to get. Maybe 50 roads

Agreed. For me, hitting all the nodes isn’t hard. What is hard is looking closely at the city you think you have completed and on close inspection seeing you missed a sliver of a street where all nodes were hit, but you just missed that small segment. Having to go back to a “completed” street just to get those last 20 yards is my hard mode.


Yeah exactly! I have a little cul-de-sac off a main road that got completed by GPS drift, I will go back to complete it. My hard mode is running all the random trail systems and cemeteries which may not count for runs but are my fave part of mapping.


Badges for challenges, like AMSAP?

Totally agree with that!

This idea is probably not realistic as it would involve a ridiculous amount of (manual) work, but what about badges with a city herb? So one could get a unique badge when finishing Berlin, Warsaw, London, New York, etc?


@aschotmans, that’s a cool idea. Would not be too much work if James let the first to complete a city, upload the badge for that city. :slight_smile:

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