Autosync routes to Garmin

I build routes in Strava usually to send to my Garmin Epix 2. When you save routes in Strava they automatically show up in Garmin so when going to Garmin Connect I just have to click the button to send it to my device. It would be great to be able to do the same with the CityStrides route builder. If I build a route in city strides I have to export it on desktop then import it into Garmin or Strava to get it. Following a route on a Fenix/Epix overlaid on the map of the area was probably the single best thing to help me run new roads.

I agree that this would be a great addition! I made a similar suggestion (Garmin integration for route builder).
With the route name being passed through to Garmin the process is much better than before, but direct integration would be perfect.

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Vote it up! Its so nice to literally just save the route in Strava and have it be there ready to sync from my phone to watch immediately.


I should add that I currently use the Strava data functionality over garmin connect for login. I assume you would need both to accomplish this. I dont want to use Garmin for my map syncing data because it has a lot of bad data in it right now. For example I delete and crop stuff in Strava all the time but dont touch Garmin Connect. Anyways this is a long winded way of me saying if you do ever implement this I hope I can sync a route to Garmin without syncing everything else and moving away from Strava which is my true source of data.

I guess you if you could save the CityStrides route to Strava routes it accomplishes the same thing as that will sync to Garmin through Strava if it is setup then you are only managing one connection.