Garmin integration for route builder

This recent post reminded me of something I’ve been thinking of for some time: it would be nice if it was possible to integrate the route builder with Garmin, i.e. to allow a direct export to Garmin as an addition to exporting routes by download. The import process on the Garmin side is a bit clunky, so it would be great to be able to sidestep that.
Garmin’s Courses API sounds like there is a technical basis for making this possible.

I’ve explored using my Garmin for routing me a couple of times. My FR235 has a couple of apps that seem interesting, but have a few too many hoops to jump through. I still find a printed map easier.

But, if there was RouteBuiler integration, that just might do it for me.

It would still require a new app for the Garmin, but the ease of usiing RB would be nice.

Hmm, I wonder if RB can create a file that would work with one of the existing Garmin as apps?

These are the two (of many) Turn-by-turn apps that interested me the most:

dwMap, by mappicus

[Edit] I also had this one listed, but it does not seem to be available anymore:

Turn-By-Turn Widget, by jpbusman

I’m enjoying the app on my FR235. Comes with a great website also.

Printed maps? Fancy!

I’ve gotten used to just writing turn-by-turn directions down on a piece of paper (L on Main, R on Parkway, etc.). I don’t feel like futzing with a tiny display during my runs and I don’t like bringing my phone. I also often include shortcuts and other steps that probably wouldn’t play nicely with turn-by-turn apps.

(Although I obviously don’t begrudge anyone who wants this type of integration.)

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@sander.vl Could you post a link to that from the Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin page?

I’d like to take a look.


Apparently it’s called dwMap in the appstore: Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin I bought the premium version since I use the app and routebuilder for pretty much every walk/run/cycling tour I do, but for most functions it’s not really necessary (similar to citystrides I guess).

Considering the options of the FR235 remain limited, I often take some printed map as well if it is a more complicated run.

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@sander.vl Excellent. That is the very same app I was looking at.

So what is the difference, dwmap vs the native navigation on Fenix 7?

My thought about this thread is, why an app when fenix provides standard navigation on the watch? I create a route in RB, download the gpx, make a route with it in garmin connect and upload it to my watch.
(besides that, if i run in urban area’s with lot’s of turns in my route, i also upload it to the rungo app and let my mobile talk to me when to turn. i use the fenix then as consolidation/reference)

My idea was just to integrate RB with Garmin, so that you would have something like an “export to Garmin Connect” option, which would push the route to GC (like Strava does).

I believe apps like dw are only necessary for devices that don’t have native navigation capabilities

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That would be me!