Athlete completing streets in car

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I recently took first place in my local city and the person whose place I took has started to log activities that have obviously been done whilst driving - 18 miles in 39 minutes for example and going through a local tunnel that is closed to both bicycles and pedestrians.

Surely against the spirit of City Strides? It could be a mistake of course and the individual unaware - anything that can be done as it feels quite unfair?

Straight to jail.

In all seriousness I’m not sure there’s much to do; I’ve always viewed CityStrides as a mostly individual pursuit. What you’ve described definitely seems like it’s agains the spirit of CityStrides but I can’t really muster any indignation. I’m competing against myself using my own standards with the goal of having a sweet looking LifeMap. If someone else in my city wants to “cheat” at CityStrides it doesn’t take away from what I’m doing. I also can’t understand why anyone would even want to cheat at CityStrides.


Yeah that is bogus. If true then can hardly call then an athlete huh?

But I agree with Graeme. Sure there is some competition between striders but I’ve done many streets and feel like I’m really only competing with myself.


I agree with Graeme and J, but also want to add this: the best others can do is match you in completing your city, not overtake you.


Hi Noel,
The mistake you make is calling the other person an athlete - there are many better descriptions of someone like that!
Just crack on and enjoy watching your map evolve, I can look back at routes I completed years back and remember many of them and the fun (or otherwise) I had completing them.
This other person won’t gain anything from their tricks.
Safe striding,


While it should be possible to block imports of “too fast” activities altogether maybe it would be better to positively highlight such feats of human performance with badges like “the flash”: average more than X km/h, or “bolt of lightning”: faster than Hussein Bolt, etc. These should be shown first in the list as well :laughing:.
That way the honour system ethos can stay, but this type of behaviour would still be highlighted.


Interesting! This is the first time I’ve seen this outside of people tracking transcontinental flights as walks. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

I contacted the person, and they’re using some app that tracks their location all the time … or at least way more than just intermittent running/walking. The app seems to encourage maximum tracking to provide a full view of all your travels. :person_shrugging: That’s weird, we’re weird, whatever.

This was fully unintentional on their part, and they didn’t realize the tracked “activities” were making it into CityStrides. They resolved the issue by completely closing their account (rather excessive, but it does seem like they weren’t really here for the every-single-street thing).
I’ve explained that they can safely return to CityStrides if they categorize their drives as something other than run/walk/hike.


Thanks James and for the other comments all.

Sounds like an unintentional error on the users part, I feel a bit bad for bringing it up as they’ve removed their account. Hopefully some other challengers will arise soon - that aren’t using mechanical assistance…

Happy striding all!