Anyone else unable to see maps starting today?

I can’t see maps starting today. In the Chrome debugging console, I see:

Error: Failed to initialize WebGL
    at e._setupPainter (mapbox-gl.js:390)
    at new e (mapbox-gl.js:390)
    at 1602244:377 @ mapbox-gl.js:416

So maybe it’s just a local issue on my computer. But just in case it isn’t, can anyone else confirm if viewing maps works for them?

Is this for individual activity pages, city/street pages, or lifetime map view? Or all maps throughout the site?

I just spot checked a city page & it worked… might be a browser issue or it might be that the map you’re viewing has too much data on it (theory I have going on because this WebGL thing has come up for others in he past).

All maps throughout the site. I spot checked some smaller towns and they don’t work either — doesn’t seem to be a data quantity problem. Probably just a browser issue.

Thanks for the confirmation!

Which browser & operating system are you using?

While on a page that should have a map on it, does refreshing the page while holding shift help?

Chromium 58.0.3029.110-2.fc24 (Fedora Linux).

I notice that Chromium was updated Saturday. That might explain it, except I think CityStrides maps were working then — they only stopped working yesterday. No other software updates that seem relevant in the last couple days.

No, force refresh doesn’t help (ctrl+shift+r).