An animation of the progress of streets in a city

A few days ago there was available an option of the LifeMap (in mobile app) to show an animated progress within the months. It looked like a “play” button and was available for premium users.
Is it gone for good?

Since around November, I’ve been giving new signups one week of free access to Supporter Features. It sounds like your free trial has ended. If you have been a member for longer than that, it’s possible you created a second account by logging in through a different service.

There should have been a few emails sent out about the service in general - a kind of welcome/onboard attempt (I haven’t gotten much feedback about how useful those are). There should have also been an email mentioning the end of the free trial. I’m curious - did you receive any of those?

Update: I reviewed your account. You signed up in 2022, so it’s not the free trial. You have both Garmin & Strava attached to it, so it’s unlikely a duplicate account issue. Your account is correctly marked as a Supporter. I see no reason for the LifeMap rerun feature not to be shown to you. It should definitely be there.
Are other buttons missing? Is any functionality not working (Route Builder on the LifeMap page, for example)?

Thank you James, the rest is fine. Well I miss the button which was setting the map to the North. Besides that all works perfectly.

:thinking: If everything else is working, then this is very confusing. I dug in a bit more, and if there was a JavaScript error that blocked LifeMap ReRun then I would also expect the time filter to also be broken - that’s the button with an icon that looks like a funnel.
Your LifeMap ReRun button shows for me, as well. hhmmmm
If you open Katarzyna's Map View - CityStrides in a new tab, does that show the button?

Yes! They work now. Both, desktop and mobile apps. They appear on the list in a slightly different order. But they are there. (Left: mobile app, Right: desktop app)

Update: The LifeMap shows this rerun button. But when looking on the map from a city perspective it doesn’t appear. This is fine?

Those buttons rearrange themselves between page navigation … It’s something about the async nature of JavaScript, and it hasn’t been problematic enough for me to spend time trying to fix it. :grimacing:

The LifeMap ReRun does only get enabled on the LifeMap page. I don’t think there’s anything that would block me from including it on any page with a map. That’s definitely something I can look into.

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