All streets, nodes complete but city not showing as 100%

In one of my cities, all streets show as complete on Hard mode, all nodes on all streets appear to be complete when I look at it street by street, yet I only show as 99.83% complete in the city, Plymouth Township.

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It’s now showing 100%, so likely just some processing delay.

Huh. On mine it’s not. Still at 99.83%. Are you seeing Plymouth or Plymouth Township? Both should be 100%.

Definitely wrong still

:thinking: seems like a job didn’t run for some reason … re-syncing the city now, to see if that sorts it out … if it doesn’t, I’ll be able to update the stats manually & look into things

I’ve been seeing a similar but opposite problem in that one of my cities has added new streets but it’s still at 100% for me. This has persisted through 2 city updates. Of note, I actually haven’t recorded an activity in that span so maybe it isn’t recalculating because of that?


No change in the issue. Still not showing as 100%.

Thanks for your help!

Is there anything I can do on my end to get the city to re-run and update? Looks like there was a map update late last week that didn’t change anything on my end. Still sitting under 100% with all streets complete.

I just manually fixed both of the cities mentioned in this thread … Let me know if it happens again :thinking:

Thanks James. Looks good now.