All nodes green but street not complete

This topic concerns Helen Street in the City of Parramatta NSW. I have run the full length of this street (purple line right along it), it only has two nodes, one at each end, and both are green. However, it is still showing in my Incomplete list rather than the Complete list.

I would be interested to know if there is some issue here. My profile is at

Edit: I think I have found the reason - there are two Helen Streets in the City of Parramatta (and I haven’t run the other one)!


Hi Mel,

Yes, it’s a know problem. I’m currently running Liverpool and there are three Long Lanes, two Rocky Lanes, two South Roads, etc…

It also means the total number of streets showing for a particular area isn’t accurate and is greater than shown.


Ugh, yeah, this is a bummer. It’s talked about elsewhere in the forum, but I don’t have time to search right now - basically OSM doesn’t know what a “street” is in the way that we do. It only knows about “ways” which are sections of a street - might be the whole thing, might just be a curve, etc.

In order to cobble together the idea of a street, I have to match up the individual ways somehow. I’m using the name field to do this, which causes this issue of multiple same-named streets in one city being packed together as one street record.

There are some approaches that might help avoid this, but nothing is perfect. Like, collecting all the ways where the nodes are “close” to each other - for various definitions of “close” - will sometimes mistakenly separate streets … or the definition of close will be too near, and it’ll still pack different streets together.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I figured that it might be a Big Thing to address this issue!