All Activities removed?

Recently all my activities were removed :frowning:

Short history.
Originally I was connected via RunKeeper. But due to problems of syncing. I also signed in with Strava (having the same activities). When the problems seems to solved I revoked the access from Strava, leaving only RunKeeper.

But last week all my activities were empty, while the % of cities seemed still correct. So I signed in to RunKeeper again. And it started showing some activities.
But now after several days, still my oldest activities is of March this year, and my lifetime-map is only reflecting those. ( I have a running past of 4 years โ€ฆ)

Is there a syncing problem still?
Do you have suggestions for me?

Just checked again, and the past 2 year are present again.
Not sure if you did it manually, but it seems to get better. hopefully the rest wil also come.

Just noticed that my whole running history is imported!
So, I would say, case closed.

Yeah, revoking access will delete data in CityStrides. It sounds like the issue has been resolved, though.
Hope youโ€™re having fun out there!