Add nearby nodes

If I go to a new place I’ll often try to run there, but I will often not know what and if I can. So for example I went to my lake house and wanted to run there I had to look up nearby streets in the the city I thought it was in. It was too far away but it would have been easier if I could like select a point and see all the nodes within say a mile radius or whatever. It would also be helpful for finding out what nodes are outside my city lines. What I mean is that my city, like I’m sure many others, has weird city limits. So streets I would consider in my city are outside the limits. It would be nice to use the one mile radius to see if those parts of the street are still considered part of my city by the system and if its even worth running them. If that makes any sense.


yeah, I like this idea. I live near the edge of a town so a lot my streets aren’t listed because they’re not “in” a city.

Yes it would be very nice if one could see all run and unrun nodes in a mile (or km) radius. So one could plan a run covering unrun nodes.

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I agree. I try to run unrun nodes in an area and it’s hard to do that by street sometimes.

I like to think a road is still worth running even if it doesn’t increase my city completion percent. :slight_smile: The map is still awesome!